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Double Exposure Action

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    Adobe Photoshop
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  • Double Exposure Action

    Double Exposure Action

    Double Exposure Action

    Double Exposure Action

    Double Exposure Action

    Double Exposure Action

    Double Exposure Action – This double exposure action is a photoshop action which uses uses 2 photographs and blends them in to create a very nice double exposure effect.

    This action is very useful for designers and photographs who need to present some unique and powerful attractive images. Very good for creating artworks, like cd artworks, posters, flyers, ads, social media banners etc.


    Works with any Photoshop version
    Works in any Photoshop language version, no need for additional files
    Fully customizable
    Color grading options, vintage effect, light leaks
    PDF help file with instructions, tips and tricks
    Very fast way to get a double exposure effect

    This action works all versions of Photoshops languages. No need for individual files. Because this action uses non specific layers, you dont need another file, if you use another language.

    Youtube Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiDxawPsaVw&t=12s

    Install and Use

    Make sure you use RGB mode and 8 bits/channel from the menu Image > Mode > RGB
    Load the action in you action panel. Go to Window > Actions (Alt+F9) and then click the top menu in the actions panel and click “Load Actions..”
    Open your Background Image.
    Open your Photo Image and select it.
    Click play on the action, from the actions panel.

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