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Smoke Effect

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    Adobe Photoshop
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  • Smoke Effect

    Smoke Effect

    Smoke Effect

    Smoke Effect

    Smoke Effect

    این افکت در واقع یک فایل PSD است. نبازی به نصب اکشن، اسکریپت نیست. لایه ها به صورت اسمارت آبجکت می باشند و کافی ست شما متن دلخواه خود را تایپ کنید.


    Smoke Effect Toolkit

    This project gives you an option to create super easy and fast spectacular effects.

    The project is a one PSD file (you don’t need to import any action, pattern, etc.) where are all Smart Objects with ready smoke elements,

    there are 11 different smoke effect included. You can choose which one fit your needs – all layers are movable objects so you can easily rotate, zoom, copy or change the color of the smoke,

    there is also a tutorial included that will help you to do it in a super quick way and also an alternative with some more advanced features,

    Project allows you to export your ready image as a JPG, or PNG with a few quick steps. 2 PSD files are included – The preview with “SMOKE” sign is included so you can start fast with your own text.

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